How To Care For Your Watch

At Thomas & George we love watches. Whether you have one prized timepiece that cost thousands of pounds or you prefer to have a number of watches to suit different occasions, it’s worth making sure that you’re doing all you can to keep your watch great.

We have come up with the following ten tips that can help keep your watch face, strap and battery in the best possible condition:

  1. Your watches face is the part that you will undoubtedly see most so it’s worth paying it extra attention in order for it to look its best. Using a small amount of polish with a dry cloth once a month can keep your watch face looking great.
  2. If your watch has a metal strap there will be plenty of small crevasses where dirt and dust can pile up. Using a dry toothbrush (gently) or a damp cotton ear bud can help remove any build up of dirt.
  3. If your watch has a leather strap it should be cleaned regularly. Whether you have been on holiday, out walking all day or just through day to day use; dust, dirt and sweat can collect on the leather and cause stains. Care for your leather straps by wiping them down with a dry cloth, then dab the leather with a damp cloth (drying thoroughly) and use a leather conditioner which will help to keep the leather moist.
  4. Understand your watches water resistance and wear it accordingly. At Thomas & George we advise keeping our watches away from water as our timepieces have leather straps. Our watches are 3ATM meaning they are splash resistant and fine for day to day use (washing your hands, rain and occasional contact with water). Whatever watch you wear if you plan on going swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving it’s a very good idea to check your watches ATM
  5. When having a watch battery changed make sure it is done by a reputable individual, particularly if your timepiece has a high level of water resistance. Going for the cheaper option when replacing your battery may void any warranty and leave it susceptible to water damage in the future if it has not been closed and secured to the required standard.
  6. Try to avoid leaving your watch in direct sunlight for long period of time. Consistently leaving your watch in the sun or extreme heat can reduce its battery life and potentially fade the colour of your timepiece.
  7. Over time your watch will suffer some scuffs and scratches from day to day use. Keeping your watches original box and using it for storage when it’s not being worn can help minimise cosmetic wear and tear.
  8. In order to further minimise scratches and scuffs it can be a good idea to remove your watch when doing activities such as gardening, working out or other manual work.
  9. Never be tempted to take the back of your watch off, leave it to the professionals.
  10. If your watch was a significant investment then it may benefit from (or even require depending on the watch) having a service every few years. A watch service can cover a number of things such as checking water resistance. Whether you decide to service your watch, or how frequently you do so will depend on what type of watch you own and how much stress it is put under through being worn. For example a diving instructor with a highly water resistant watch would need it servicing far more frequently than an office worker with a standard timepiece.

If you have any favourite tips for looking after your watch we would love to hear them! Please comment below.

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