Men’s Pocket Watch with Chain

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special occasion, why not choose a men’s pocket watch with chain? It’s an elegant choice with plenty of sophistication and is certain to have that X-factor at work or when you’re out on the town.

Maybe you’re attending an event like a wedding or a project launch and want to wear something different. A classic men’s pocket watch with chain will help you stand out from the crowd, adding panache and drama to your attire.

Are Men’s Pocket Watches Popular?

Classic timepieces are sometimes seen as an antidote to our increasingly digitalised world. Every other person appears to be wearing a sports tracking watch today.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to wear a solid, traditional watch. They can be great for big occasions or when you want to make a statement to the world. The pocket watch has started to become more and more popular in recent times and is going through something of a revival. If you want to look dapper and enter the room with more than a little star quality, a gold chain hanging from your waistcoat and pocket watch ticking away is simply perfect.

Pocket watches are also popular as gifts, whether it’s for weddings or that special birthday or anniversary. The great thing about them is that they are durable and last a long time. They should also grow in value as the years pass by if you look after them.

Pocket watches are a great way to start a conversation and, what’s more, there’s something about them that makes you look very important.

What to Look for in a Men’s Pocket Watch with Chain

You might think that most pocket watches are either second hand or antique. You couldn’t be more wrong. The increased popularity in recent years means that we’re seeing brand new pocket watches coming onto the market every day.

It is important to invest in quality and choose your pocket watch carefully. There are different types of watch, including the traditional full hunter which has a solid back and a spring-hinged cover. You’ll also need to pick the right chain, one that matches the watch and your style. The good news is that most new pocket watches come with a matching chain.

How Do You Wear a Men’s Pocket Watch with Chain?

The traditional way to wear a men’s pocket watch with chain is with a waistcoat. The watch itself fits into the front pocket and the chain is attached to a buttonhole with a T-bar. Many people don’t wear waistcoats anymore, however, and pocket watches can be worn with practically any outfit. Essentially, as long as you have a pocket there’s room to adapt it to your fashion!

Thomas & George Launch New Men’s Pocket Watch

At Thomas & George, we’re passionate about everything to do with watches. We’ve been thinking about adding a stylish men’s pocket watch to our collection for some time now.

The great news is that we are launching our new watch soon and it certainly has that wow factor. With a traditional, elegant design that evokes memories of times gone by, it’s the perfect thing to wear for that special event.



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