Mens Watches Under £100

It can be difficult to find something that delivers quality but which is still made to last for under £100 nowadays. The good news is that, if you shop around, you can find something to war on your wrist that not only looks great but also feels like it was built to order.

At Thomas and George, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort in ensuring that our customers get a watch they’ll want to wear at a cost they want to pay.  

Kingman 43

It’s one of our most popular watches and has a distinctly masculine design suitable for all occasions, including business meetings, that special date and leisure. If you want to dress to impress, you should always wear a good watch that stands out on your wrist. The rose gold casing makes it an attractive time piece and the three smaller dials add a certain sense of control and precision our customers simply love. Forget digital watches and fitness trackers, this watch says a lot more about you as a person.

Ottawa 43

An equally distinctive timepiece with a lighter clock face that contrasts brilliantly with the rose gold casing, the Ottawa is again a perfect watch for all occasions, both formal and casual. It’s the kind of watch that immediately attracts attention, with its elegant design that makes it stands out from the norm. You’re unlikely find a more beautiful and gratifying watch for under £100 and, what’s more, it can be delivered straight to your door with free delivery, wherever you are in the world.

Bakersfield Black and Brown

Unmistakeably traditional, the Bakersfield watch harks back to a golden age of timepieces. If minimalism is your thing, then this beautiful and elegant design will almost certainly tick all the boxes. Delivered in a tasteful storage box, it comes with two straps – one in black and the other in brown leather – which means you can tailor your look for each occasion.

If you are buying the watch for someone special, you can also have the back panel engraved to create a long lasting and meaningful memento for the recipient.

At Thomas and George, we believe that quality watches can also be affordable. We’ve worked long and hard to bring our range to the market and take pride in the products we’ve produced so far. At the heart of our ethos is giving the customer the affordable style and individuality they are looking for.

All our watches are produced to exacting specifications, come with free delivery and have our personal 2-year warranty. Our customers choose us because of the superb craftmanship as well as our focus on exceptional customer service.

In this increasingly digital age, we can often forget the sheer beauty of something like a carefully crafted timepiece. Whether you’re dressing for a formal event such as a wedding or business meeting, or simply heading out for a little fun, you’ll feel fashionably complete when you wear a watch from Thomas and George.

If you’re looking for a premium watch that comes in comfortably under £100 and suits almost any occasion, check out our exclusive range today.

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