How to Prepare Your Body for a Summer Holiday

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OK folks, it’s time to seriously evaluate your physical preparations for the summer.

As the hottest season of the year approaches, we all start to feel anxious for so many reasons, one of them being our bodies. While the sunrays make us generally feel better and much more motivated to finish all the tasks before the deadlines, so that we can prepare ice coffees and pick up our deck chairs, the arrival of summer forces us to question the quality of the workouts and other preparations we’ve had over the course of the last few months.

To avoid anxiety in the late spring, read these tips on how to perfectly prepare your body before you start packing your things for the vacation!

Eat well and take the essential vitamins

Eating well in this context means eating food that helps your physical condition, not eating as much as you can!

The quality of your diet is essential for the growth of your muscles. However, there’s no single nutrition plan that works well for everyone, so the smartest thing you can do is consult a nutritionist. There is a variety of foods that men eat to simultaneously build muscle and lose body fat – from the chicken meat and whole eggs, to mixed nuts and fish oil. Also, consume foods that contain the essential metabolism-boosting vitamins such as B vitamin, D vitamin, iron, green tea extract, and others.

Choose the workout routine that complements your diet

The next in line is your training routine, and you can do many small things to boost your gym motivation.

In order to have the killer body, you really need to have the workout routine that brings results when combined with your diet. If you have been doing all the workouts on your own, maybe you’d want to ask a professional fitness trainer whether there is something you’ve been doing wrong. Don’t hesitate to open up about your goals and expectations because that’s the only way how a trainer can understand your needs and give you the best possible advice.

People sometimes underestimate the importance of gym equipment, another essential part of any workout. It’s completely normal to do everything you can to feel good in your own skin while trying to achieve results in the gym. Nicely combined pieces of gear will significantly enhance your self-esteem.

Sleep at least seven hours a day

In order to look good, you need to sleep well. Sleeping at least seven hours a day improves both your mental and physical capabilities. If you have troubled sleep, read how magnesium can change your life by preventing you from feeling sluggish and tired during the day.

Drink one litre of water every morning

The famous Japanese water therapy is used to improve and control different health conditions, from diabetes to cancer. Water is definitely one of the most affordable cures we have. Drinking one liter of water in the morning can speed up your metabolism by 24% which significantly helps the process of losing weight.

Stay calm and avoid stress

Regardless of what happens in your life, there is a good chance that most of the problems you’re facing today won’t really matter in a few months or even a few weeks’ time. Anxiety and stress are huge enemies of the beach body.

Practicing your mindfulness will help you to have better control over your reactions to all sorts of stressful situations in life. You can do this by using different methods - from yoga to regular sessions with a psychologist.

Steal tricks from the others

If you feel you’re lacking something to improve your discipline, read the tips and tricks which others are using to lose fat and/or build muscles.

Be assured that nobody knows everything, so taking advice from your friend or a neighbor can only be beneficial to your body in a way that you’ll find out some new things

To sum up, the nutrition and training are the summer body essentials, but there are so many simple habits that you can apply to your routine in the months that precede the summer. Also, don’t forget to treat your skin, because the lean body still won’t look good if your skin is damaged or full of acne.

Peter is a men's lifestyle writer at OffTheMRKT magazine, living between the UK and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips. 

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