Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I’m the worst at remembering birthdays and other important calendar dates.

If your dad is anything like my dad, then he’ll be difficult to buy for. The question “What do you want, Dad?” will 100 percent be responded with “Nothing, keep your money”, which although appears to be helpful is absolutely not helpful.

So, I’ve put this small list together to help you or at the very least inspire you in your search for a Father’s Day present.

Fire Tablet / Kindle

This is probably the best present I bought my dad. He loves books and reads through them so fast. Rather than collect books that take up your valuable space, a Kindle eliminates physical books. Buying eBooks is also cheaper than physical books, so it’s win-win. Another good thing about Kindles is that you can adjust the text size, so if your dad finds it difficult to read the text in books a Kindle is going to make his life much easier.

You can purchase a Fire Tablet or a Kindle at amazon.co.uk


Netflix / Amazon Prime

Another good option is to give your dad a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime. Then he can binge watch a series such as House of Cards, Power or Vikings. Three excellent shows. Which is better Netflix or Amazon Prime? Personally, I have both. They are both good. Amazon Prime comes with a whole load of other options such as next day delivery on certain goods. You can also purchase and stream films that are not included in the Prime free package.


Does your dad like a tipple? Of course he does. What’s his weapon of choice? Does he like whisky? How about a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label? If he’s a beer person, how about some real ales or some indie beers?

An Experience

A gift doesn’t have to be a physical gift. You could get your dad an experience. How about a day of golf, or tickets to a football game? Does your dad like food? How about booking him a meal at his favourite restaurant? Does your dad like solving puzzles? You could book him and his friends into an room escape experience such as breakoutgames.com. If he’s a little more adventurous and outdoors you could try something like goape.co.uk.


Socks is always a winner. No, I’m joking. Don’t get your dad socks for Father’s Day. I don’t think you should ever buy a person a pair of socks for a present. However, an item of clothing could be a good option for you. You could go with a pair of shoes, a tie, a shirt, jeans or mix and match. Just a tip, check his sizes before leaving to do your shopping and ask if they do a gift receipt or returns before you make the purchase.


You could go with something like cufflinks, but that’s a bit boring. How about a watch? I know, I know, you can stop rolling your eyes. We’re a watch brand, so of course we’re going to suggest a watch as a Father’s Day gift idea.

Jokes aside, don’t feel pressured to buy your dad an expensive gift. I’m pretty sure he’d be happy just to spend a bit of time with you. After all the most valuable thing you can give someone is your time.

Has this helped you? If so let us know what you bought or did for your Father’s Day. If you have any better suggestions, and I’m sure you have, drop us a comment below and help other readers with their gift ideas.

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