How to balance Business and Casual Dress

2020 has seen most of us change from our normal Business Attire to Casual Loungewear (fancy words for Pyjamas). Virtually meeting people via Zoom, TEAMs or Skype, this proves a challenge to balance what is the correct attire for each occasion, it even impacts our home life fashion and how we approach scenarios outside of the ‘Virtual World’  

* Please don’t be that ‘Person’ who half dresses or even fails to dress at all! Always dress to impress, you never know who you will be meeting.  

For me ‘Business Suits/Attire’ are like watches, completely TIMEless!  

A good watch can make or break how you feel about yourself and can add that finishing touch to any ‘Business’ or ‘Casual’ outfit.   

*If you are wearing a black pair of shoes with a black belt, ALWAYS wear a black strapped watch. My go to for Business is the Thomas & George, Bakersfield. Its clean, elegant and sophisticated design is nothing short of perfection.  

*As above match brown shoes, belt etc with a brown strapped watch. The Bakersfield also comes available with a tan strap too.

A watch is one of those must have accessories and your fingertips, there is a reason that Watches (Timepieces) have been in circulation roughly the same amount of time as the first ‘Business Suit’ but that’s not to say that’s all they are worn for! 

See where I am going here? Use all of the above with casual attire too, belt to match the watch. It’s the simple things that make all the difference.  

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