Watch For a 21st Birthday Gift

There are few special occasions as important as someone’s 21st birthday. Such a monumental landmark in life really needs to be celebrated with a gift that is made to last and has some degree of gravitas. You want it to be meaningful and stylish while saying something personal about your relationship with the recipient.

There are plenty of options to consider, of course. You could get someone the latest mobile phone or a new game. You might want to pick out a piece of nice jewellery such as a ring or pendant or even book the holiday of a lifetime.

The truth is that for an occasion like a 21st birthday, the perfect gift is actually a watch.

This is a time when we’re starting to get serious about our careers and the future. Perhaps your loved one has just finished university and is starting out in the exciting world of work. Maybe they’re confident to go out on their own and start a new business. A watch not only looks great, it makes the wearer seem a lot more professional and centred in the world.

21 is usually the age most of us consider as reaching full adulthood. It’s often the landmark when people are allowed to go and drink legally for the first time in many countries, for example, the USA. While this changed to 18 back in 1969 for the UK, 21 is still often seen as the real coming of age occasion. At any rate, it’s a good opportunity to celebrate and have a party or two as well as look forward to a bright and exciting future.

The reason a watch is a popular gift for something like a 21st birthday is that, no pun intended, it’s considered timeless. It’s a piece of useful jewellery that someone can wear for years and years as they start their careers, get married and start a family. Great quality watches often come with a personal engraving from a significant other half or parents who want to mark an occasion like a 21st birthday. At Thomas and George we’ve got stylish watches that are simply the perfect gift for this auspicious landmark event.

If you’re looking for something that has a minimalist, classic quality our Chesterfield is the perfect choice. Should you be searching for a model that has a little more heft and certainly looks substantial then the rose gold and white ivory Ottawa 43 or our stunning Kingsman 43 may be just the ticket. All our watches look great whether your suited and booted for that important business meeting or holidaying abroad and having fun with friends and family.

Get Your Watch Engraved

Of course, if you’re giving something like a classic watch for a 21st birthday, you’ll want to get it engraved. There’s enough space on the back of our watches to leave your own personal message, something that will continue to mean something for years to come. The great news is that we add this on for a small extra cost.

If you’re looking for an exceptional gift for a 21st birthday, browse our stylish watches today.



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