Why Wearing a Watch is Better Than Checking the Time on your iPhone

The watch range from Thomas and George, with its quintessentially British style, gives you everything you need; tradition combined with panache; classic lines along with majestic quality. Our watches are a constant and elegant reminder that time really matters.

But is it better than simply checking the time on your iPhone?

Well, the good news is that more and more of us are opting for the traditional wristwatch not only as a functional tool but also a fashion statement.

Long before we fell so in love with all things digital, the watch was seen as the sign you were a man of means – someone innately sure of themselves and at home in the world. Your iPhone has a lot of good points but it doesn’t outshine a beautifully crafted watch on a number of levels.

It’s a Fashion Accessory

There’s something about a well-made watch that simply says you’re a man of substance. You can find a watch to complement any outfit, from the ubiquitous business suit and tie to the more casual Sunday lunch with the family at the local pub. Our Bakersfield model, for instance, comes with a free alternate watch strap, so you can mix and match to your hearts content. Our customers love the heft and feel of our watches on the wrist and how they set off an outfit – for many it’s the first thing they put on when they’re getting dressed for a special occasion.

The Classic Approach

In this fast paced, digital age where everything seems to be run by computer, the classic look of a traditional time piece certainly introduces a sense of calm and inner strength. The gentle but firm ticking of the hands, the gleam of the metal in the morning sun and the stylistic design of the clock face all produce a sense of understanding of what your place is in the world.

It seems, particularly in the UK, we still appreciate the beauty of quality craftsmanship. Everything nowadays is so bland and machine made, when we see a quality watch and the care and attention which has been taken to assemble it, we sense a time that seems to be disappearing quickly.

Unlike an iPhone, you don’t have to worry about your battery running out. You can be sure that you’re wearing something which is built to last. A hurricane could blow through and your watch will still continue to keep time.

Remember Meeting Etiquette

If you’re sat in a meeting and want to know the time, pulling out your smartphone can be a little obvious and, for some people, quite rude. Often it looks like you’re checking your messages rather than the time. This sends the wrong message entirely – you’re not interested in what’s being said. When you’ve got a classic watch on your wrist you don’t have that problem and can quickly monitor the time without anyone noticing.

Of course, a classic time piece can’t do half the things that a modern iPhone can. It simply tells the hours, minutes and seconds. But it’s also a fashion statement, an anchor in turbulent and often stressful times and a dignified statement that not everything has to be plugged in and recharged to make you happy.

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