Thomas & George | Journal 16 Dec 17

Hello everybody,

As you've probably seen we've made some massive changes to the Thomas & George website. We've made both functional changes and cosmetic changes.


We have changed the back end of the eCommerce website so it's faster and smoother for you. We've improved the shopping process, so you get automatic updates to your email or mobile phone. This was just an essential change we needed to do to make the whole customer experience and user experience better for you. Many of our customers are repeat customers, so we like the idea of being a little bit better everytime you return. 

We also used this opportunity to give the website a bit of a makeover and make it look more inline with the brand and what we're trying to achieve. What do you think?

We've also added a help centre to answer any questions immediately. Remember, if you can't find what you're looking for, just contact us.


Operational changes

 You'll have noticed we now offer more products along with Thomas & George watches. The reason for this is simply to offer you more complementary products that are inline with the brand.


What's next?

We want to build a community for men. A place men can come to learn new things, be entertained, purchase things that they want and just a place you can hangout.

We won't reveal all here, so stay tuned. 


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