Buying A Watch As A Wedding Present

There’s no doubt that a watch makes the perfect gift – particularly for an occasion such as a wedding. Choose something stylish which says something about the groom and you’ll be sure to tick all the right boxes. They’re often a traditional gift from the bride to the groom but can be the perfect wedding present for someone who likes style and great functionality.

We seem to be overrun nowadays with cheap, technological equivalents such as digital fitness watches. The truth is, a traditional watch is elegant and the perfect fashion accessory for a wide range of occasions.

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Why Choose a Watch?

Firstly, they’re a statement. We’re not talking here about any old timepiece. We’re talking about something that looks fashionable on the wrist and will last. That means you’ll want to spend time and effort choosing the best model for the groom.

Secondly, watches carry a certain amount of kudos. Unwrapping a quality time piece is a pretty satisfying experience. When you’ve just got married and it’s the happiest time of your life, a great watch is just the icing on the cake.

Thirdly, you can have the watch engraved on the back for a meaningful message. This is often why buying a watch is the first choice for the bride to give to her groom. It’s something personal and can be worn all the time.

Which Watch to Choose

There are several factors you’ll want to consider when buying a watch as a wedding present.

Quality: Always go for a well-made timepiece that looks great on the wrist. Craftmanship is very important and classic styles tend to deliver more often than not. You’ll want it to have a quartz movement which is highly reliable and a good strap, preferably leather.

Bold or Simple: There are a wide range of watch styles on the market nowadays. Much will depend on the groom’s character. Some prefer a chunkier, manly watch with a wide dial and distinctive design that stands out on the wrist such as the Kingman or Ottawa. Others want something more understated, perhaps even old fashioned in its design. The Bakersfield could be the perfect choice; as it comes with both a black and a brown strap it will be able to match whatever suit colour the groom opts for. You’ll need to decide which best suits the personality of your groom.

Craftmanship and Affordability: Along with quality you want a watch that delivers all of the above but comes at an affordable price. Designer watches can be expensive so shopping for the right one can take a bit of work. Keep in mind that simple elegance should be your guiding light and find the brand names that deliver on this.