Men’s Pocket Watch Wedding Gift

Have you thought of giving a men’s pocket watch for a wedding gift? In our overly technological age, a pocket watch might seem old school but it’s becoming an increasingly popular gift for many occasions because it’s memorable, elegant and meaningful.

Getting married brings all sorts of wonderful challenges, of course. There’s the bride’s dress, what the groom is going to wear, the venue, who to invite and who’s going to do the catering. One of the biggest challenges is the traditional wedding gift. Ideally, you want something that is going to last and is personal.

What is a Pocket Watch?

We’re used to digital smartwatches, but the pocket watch was the state of the art, must-have piece of jewellery in the not too distant past. In Victorian times, gentlemen would be seen digging into their waistcoat pockets, retrieving their watch attached by a chain, to check the time. It was considered the height of sophistication and a sign of prosperity.

The traditional pocket watch is a round, fairly substantial clock with a cover for the face. Open this and the watch face becomes visible. In more recent times, pocket watches have been making a big comeback, particularly for special events such as weddings.

Why Choose a Pocket Watch for a Wedding Gift?

Pocket watches were often seen as a distinctly masculine thing but we’re not so sure that is the case nowadays. Wedding gifts are sometimes exchanged between the marrying couple and a pocket watch is perfect for this occasion – whether it’s a his and her, his and his, or her and her exchange of gifts. The pocket watch is a brilliant keepsake and has the added advantage that it can be engraved with a personal message.

Pocket watch wedding gifts are also suitable for the best man or groomsmen. If you want to show your appreciation to anyone involved in organising the wedding and you want to include a personal message, a pocket watch is perfect.

In a world where so much of what we have is thrown away after a few years, the pocket watch is built to last and is the consummate reminder of your big day.

How Do You Wear a Pocket Watch?

The traditional way to wear one is to have a fob chain and attach it to your waistcoat pocket. If you don’t have a waistcoat, you can also carry your watch in the jacket pocket.

If you’re preparing for the big day, the pocket watch has also become part of the costume for many weddings – it’s the height of chic and certain to impress.

Pocket Watch Wedding Gift From Thomas & George

At Thomas & George, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort developing elegant and sophisticated watches for our customers all around the world. We are now adding a superb pocket watch to our catalogue. The new watch harks back to a simpler time with a classic clock face and beautifully designed casing. There’s room to have a message engraved for your loved one and it’s the perfect gift for a wedding.