Our Story

The idea for Thomas & George was formed back in 2016 by two friends; Jamie ‘Thomas’ Rice and Andrew ‘George’ Leong.

I’ve always loved watches. I’m not a typical ‘watch geek’ - meaning I don’t really care about what movement a watch has or how deep I could dive in the ocean whilst wearing it. I’ve just always loved watches that look good.


I was having a coffee with Andrew back in 2016 and we got talking about watches. We both agreed that we’d never spend a huge amount money on a watch to own personally as there’s the fear of losing it or it becoming scratched/damaged and losing thousands of pounds as a result. It was then that we realised something, at the time there weren’t really any watch brands out there that offered watches that looked luxurious without having a fairly hefty price tag attached to it. 


We realised that we both had quite prestigious sounding middle names, then when we put them together, even more so. Thomas & George was formed. We spent a large chunk of 2016 dealing with suppliers, getting samples, running tests and getting the brand right. 


A lot has happened since 2016 and we’re proud to say that we’ve sold thousands of watches around the world. There’s people now wearing a Thomas & George watch in countries like Israel, Moscow and Singapore which makes us very happy. 


I (Jamie) took full control of the business in 2019 and I’ve made some changes, most notably adding a bolder range of watches. I love having a minimal watch when wearing a suit - in fact, I along with my best man (Andrew) and groomsmen all wore the Bakersfield Brown watch on my wedding day. But I really felt something was missing with the brand and I realised that I personally was in the market for a chunkier, bolder watch. Now I certainly wasn’t going to buy this from another brand, so I got to work. 


I’ve now brought out two bolder watches that have sold out at record speeds, I’m currently in talks with some exciting artists who I’ll be working closely with to bring out some new ranges that I’m really looking forward to.


Thank you for visiting Thomas & George, if you have any questions or would like to find out more about us or a particular watch feel free to get in touch. I’ll personally respond to you.



Jamie ‘Thomas’ Rice